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Car Control - Navipilot

Developer: Microslax Inc.
1.01 usd

The program extends car multimedia device capabilities, helps to make some functinos easy of use during driving.Attention! Some function of the current version are expected to be used only with Navipilot Droid 2 device.List of functions:1. Internet availability check2. Time from departure3. Internet download speed 4. Music control (play, pause, next, previous) in one touch5. One touch switch in between Navigation, Radio, Music and Bluetooth6. Voice notification about weather and traffic7. Vocie search in Yandex in one touch8. Screen dimming9. Vocie notes10. Speed alerts11. Russian auto codes12. Configure and move control paneles on your screen13. Media audio level restoration on startup14. Music track information (OSD) *PowerAMP should be used as media palyer
Full overview in Russian language: